Episode 10: The Current State of African Swine Fever

African Swine Fever (ASF) continues to be hot topic to those working in food. ASF has been spreading across the globe, killing millions of pigs and is a viable threat to the US pork industry as it has recently
reached the Dominican Republic. In this podcast, you will learn what ASF is, what the US is doing to protect its hog population, and how the Covid19 pandemic has compounded the problem. You will also
learn what consumers and someone working in the science of food can do to help the situation.

Derrell Peel is the Charles Breedlove Professor of Agribusiness in the Department of Agricultural Economics. He has served as the Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist since he came to Oklahoma
State University in 1989. He also has his own podcast, Farm to Market Podcast (libsyn.com).